Monday, November 13, 2006

Back from Holidays!

I headed off to Lanzarote on holidays last Saturday week to recharge the batteries after a very busy Summer and to be well prepared for the hectic time that lies ahead. No sooner had I settled in to enjoy the break than I became soooo sooo ill. I didn't see any sun from Monday through to Thursday ( I won't do a "Dominic" on it and give all the gorey details!!!)however, I had to have NINE HUGE injections you know where and, as you'll understand, am standing while I type!!!

Anyway, I'm now back to base somewhat refreshed having made the most of the last two days of the holiday and my heels haven't tipped the ground since I got back home.

Labour Party Annual Collection
On Saturday and Sunday we had the Labour Party Annual Collection, which was very successful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who helped with the Collection and of course all of you who very generously contributed.

Sunday afternoon I had the great pleasure of opening a new business-Belleza Ladies & Gents Store- an impressive new outlet in Market Place. Every success to Trisha and Louise on their new venture, I have no doubt that they will flourish with the wonderful variety and quality available.


Councillor Seamus Ryan said...

Congrats on the Blog Phil and best of luck with the campaign - Seamus

seankk said...

Well done on the blog Phil. Welcome to the blogosphere. Glad to hear the batteries are recharged. Same happened to me after the locals in 99 when the Tunisian belly caought me and I spent five days suffering. Hope things are going well and that the voters of South Tipp are realising who the best woman for the job is! Beir Bua, Seán